#135 - Chaz Hutton - Greatest Music of All Time Podcast

The artist, graphic designer and writer, Chaz Hutton, joins Tom to talk about some of his favourite music: Yamasuki - "Aieaoa", Sarah Webster Fabio - "Sweet Songs", Nancy Wilson - "Ode to Billy Joe", Misfits - "Last Caress", Alessi Brothers - "Seabird", Beverly Glenn Copeland - "La Vita", Rob Clarkson - "Thought Bubble", Jonathan Richman - "I Was Dancing in a Lesbian Bar", John Stewart - "Mother Country", David Bowie - "Speed of Life", GZA - "4th Chamber", Franco Micalizzi - "Lo Chiamavano Trinità", Ofege - "It’s Not Easy", Bill Holt’s Dreamies, Van Morrison’s Contractual Obligation Album, John Martyn's Solid Air and Nick Drake's Pink Moon.