#301 - Trev Lukather of LEVARA - Greatest Music of All Time Podcast

Trev Lukather has a conversation with Tom about five of his favourite musical acts, learning to play guitar after starting on drums, the genesis of his band, LEVARA, and how they came to recently work with Steve Perry. This episode is brought to you by dBud, who make Volume Adjustable Earplugs. These are incredibly effective at filtering noise at the right level, giving you the hearing protection you need whilst retaining the clarity of the sound you are exposed to. Go to earlabs.co to check out dBud's earplugs. This episode is brought to you by Modal Electronics, who make beautiful, innovative and powerful synthesisers. You can enjoy vibrant wavetable patches with their ARGON8 series. You can produce state-of-the-art analogue-style synth textures with their COBALT8 series. Go to modalelectronics.com to check out their incredible array of synthesisers.