#73 - Tommy Vicari of World Goes Round - Greatest Music of All Time Podcast

Tommy Vicari is a multi­ Emmy and Grammy award winning record producer who has worked with the likes of Prince, Quincy Jones, Philip Bailey and Billy Preston. His many film and TV projects include Academy Award winning Moonlight and HBO's wildly popular Succession. Tommy joins Tom over Zoom to talk about how he has got to where is he in the business and the new album by World Goes Round, which he produced in the 80s but never released back then. World Goes Round comprises world class musicians and singers Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Jeff Hull and Marty Walsh, who have written hits for Queen, Supertramp, Chaka Khan, Kenny Rogers, Donna Summer, Neil Diamond and many more. Tommy has remastered their eponymous debut more than twenty years after it was recorded and it sounded so good he and the band felt compelled to let the public hear it now.