A Midlife Crisis In Your 20s

My new album, A Midlife Crisis In Your 20s, is out now. Listen to it here.

A track by track description:

  1. Will The Sky Stop Raining On Me: a surprisingly good disco song, despite the shit title that slightly rips off Travis.

  2. Take Me To Avalon: in my view this is the best song I have written so far, especially from a lyrical perspective, summing up the reality of not fitting in anywhere and not in a cool way.

  3. Girl: a great song with interesting lyrics about call girls.

  4. Somewhere Under A Floorboard: a big 80s love song.

  5. The Politician: my first (and probably last) foray into rap, about Boris Johnson and the Tory party, lockdowns, loss of freedom and being viewed as a joke. 

  6. How Does It Feel To Be You: a hip hop influenced track about the perils of idolising celebrities excessively.

  7. Instagram Storyteller: another hip hop influenced song that is a damning indictment of our social media obsessed culture.

  8. I Really Love You: a Motown pastiche.

  9. Across The Street: a song about falling in love at first sight.

  10. You're So Fruity: a 70s pastiche about getting fruity. Get the Echo Falls in the fridge.

  11. Enormous Vocabulary: a 70s glam rock song about penises.

  12. Wind Back The Clock: a Beatlesy ballad about regrets.

  13. Lead Balloon: a Britpop pastiche about being a massive loser.

  14. Bluer Than The Ocean Deep: a lament about people treating you like shit.

  15. She Is My Home: a love song about not needing to buy a house, lucky then because getting on the housing ladder seems about as likely as topping the Billboard 100.

  16. Champagne Socialist: a song about latte swirling, sourdough baking, Rose drinking, Zoom obsessed Guardianistas living in Islington.