Latest Record Project Volume 1

This cannot be called "music journalism". Yes, many will disagree with Van Morrison's opinions on lockdowns et al but to give it 1 star is just a reflection of The Guardian's politics, not the undeniable richness and beauty of Van's voice, the talent of his stellar band and the occasional flashes of melodic brilliance that come intermittently during this album. I think music critics should put their politics or the stance of the publication that they write for to one side and, whilst this certainly isn't Astral Weeks, I think it is work containing more artistic merit than Bieber's recent release, for example, which got more stars than this. No doubt I'll risk being the subject of a barrage of online hate if anyone picks up on this but I do think it's a real shame to put out dishonest, political reviews of music like this as Alexis Petridis is a usually a wonderful critic.