The One Single A Week Box Set

In 2019 I decided to follow my dream and write songs... perhaps a little too manically! I wrote and recorded over 100 of them in just a few months. The full collection of 107 songs is out now, for the first time ever, on The One Single A Week Box Set. There is something here for most music fans, as it encompasses wide ranging influences from 50s doo wop to 60s psychedelia to 90s hip hop via 70s yacht rock, disco and 80s synth pop. There might never be another Tom Cridland song written and recorded (not that anyone gives a shit) but, now that I have had time to reflect on this mammoth project, it is something I am genuinely quite proud of. Some of these songs will be played live on my tour opening for the legendary band, The Stylistics, in the UK later this year. Listen to the music here.