The One Single A Week Box Set

In 2019 I proudly announced I was going to become the “greatest pop star in the world”. It is 2021 and sadly not even the residents of my local town of Thrapston are aware of my music but I’d suggest Justin Bieber gets back in the writing room with Poo Bear soon. Why? Well, One Single A Week is out now containing all 107 songs that I have written and recorded so far. Back in 2019 the plan was to release one single every week indefinitely so all of these songs were completed in just a few months. They span soft rock, heavy rock, soul, R&B and disco. The first half of the compilation comprises deep cuts and oddities, and the 2nd half is what I deem to be the stronger material. On a serious note, since manically pursuing music in 2019 and then pausing after less than a year, I’ve often wondered whether the reckless pursuit of a vanity project like this had a purpose to it. After the experience that I’ve shared with my band/team on tour these past few weeks, playing 19 concerts with The Stylistics, I would say that it has all been worth it just to have gone out on the road with such legends whose music I love so much. Thank you to the amazing Ian Beck for this beautiful artwork.