Happy Birthday Nigel

11 February 2015

Happy Birthday Nigel

Photo by Rod Savannah

Happy Birthday to our favourite customer, Nigel Olsson! One of the most acclaimed drummers in rock 'n' roll history, Nigel has been been in The Elton John Band since 1969 but has also played with Stevie Wonder, Neil Sedaka, Kenny Rogers, Rod Stewart, Linda Ronstadt and many others. As well as this, he has recorded five solo albums, which produced the smash hits "Dancin' Shoes" and "A Little Bit of Soap". 

Nigel recently turned Elton John bassist, Matt Bissonette, and percussionist, John Mahon, onto Tom Cridland trousers too. He is pictured here at Ponoma Racecourse in California with Britany Force, rocking Chilli Red (photo credit: Rod Kavanagh).

Happy Birthday Nigel!