Al Moro is the best restaurant in Rome. This old school institution is right in the centre of the city but it is not touristy. It is independently owned, free from any corporate investment. It has an old fashioned and extremely lengthy menu, and serves the most exquisitely cooked traditional Italian food imaginable. Artichokes, mozzarella, pastas, veal, homemade puddings, excellent wine. The service is superb, attentive and not overbearing. This is a million miles away from the sort of celebrity obsessed, "guest list" only type of place that has come to dominate high end dining and culture. They wouldn't give a rat's arse about a Kardasdian. Let's hope this wonderful place never closes, there are too few of these type of restaurants left in Europe.

Fresh black truffle.

A delicious tart.

Debs posing in the front area of the restaurant. They have lovely art on the walls, which, among many other things, adds to the charming, sophisticated and tranquil ambience of the establishment.

My Dad and I about to tuck into our delicious pasta.