Listen to Jailbound Fool

I know I have not said it before, I know it’s casual, I want more
I know the timing isn’t right, I just can’t turn out that light
Could call it a fling, a summer affair, hard lust, no strings sex
You had a husband, I always felt like I knew you best
Met up after dark, hid me from your friends, made me feel not good enough
The jocks, the meatheads that you always go for all treat you rough

In your heart of hearts you’d be willing to give it a try
If no-one could see us, we’d happy, watch the years roll by
School runs, mortgage, white picket fence, beautiful kids
I guess it was all a dream, clandestine lovers is all that we’ll be

This might be my last chance to speak to you
I like you a lot, I’ve been feeling blue
Hate it when you flirt with other men, I see you at parties time and time again
It’s so tragic that there’s no room for magic, every romance is a game of chess
Anxious waiting, compensating, unhappiness
We showered together, at the end of my tether, you’re stringing me along with glee
You gotta hook in my heart, we’ve spent months apart, have you forgot about me?

Can’t ignore the jealousy shivering down my spine
I’ve got to conclude there’s no way you will ever be mine
If you weren't such a socialite, you’d see that I’m the man who will treat you right
I guess it was all a dream, clandestine lovers is all that we’ll be