Listen to One Single a Week

It’s big, it’s something I’m proud of
I’ll get it out, you’ll see
Take a look at my massive, enormous vocabulary
It’s long, stretches out as far as the eye can see
It couldn’t be any bigger, there’s no need to flatter me
It’s versatile, can use it whenever I please
Adapt it when and how I feel I need
It drives the ladies crazy
Leads men to jealousy
You’ll run out of tape if you try to measure me
It was too big for your wife, yours is smaller I see
You had to tell me to zip it because she couldn’t handle me
I don’t need to compensate with anything flashy
It’s all I need to show off, don’t need Louis V
I can hold a conversation with Lisa Ann you see
I show all the ladies my Oxford dictionary
You can ask anyone who’s ever been with me
About the size of my vocabulary