La Petite Maison is the best restaurant in the world, in my opinion. Many spin off, corporate backed locations have appeared in places like Miami and Dubai that undoubtedly serve good food but the original is one-of-a-kind. The food is simply extraordinary: salads turned into symphonies of flavour, the likes of sea bass a million miles away from their potential blandness and unique signatures like the foie gras stuffed chicken and petits farcis. The service is part of the entertainment - the owner, Nicole, is quite a character and might be abrupt with you or make you endure a long wait if it is busy. The minute you try the food you will forget this and, if you didn't get sat down immediately, it might be because the likes of Bono and the Beckhams were busy getting pissed and dancing on the tables. The atmosphere here is genuinely really fun, with acoustic music provided by acoustic cover bands like The Gypsy Queens.

Before we sampled the famous off-menu item: the truffle sandwich.

Some complimentary limoncello shots after dinner. Homemade limoncello, the best we've had ever had by far. Usually quite a filthy drink but this tasted like nectar of the Gods.

The famous chicken stuffed with foie gras.

Fried zucchini flowers with tomato coulis.

Another excellent lunch.

Debs on our anniversary.

Outside the restaurant with Debs.