Mr Chow is just such a fundamentally fascinating and iconic restaurant. The decor and details, right down to the way the menus are laminated and the white flowers, are so unique and artistic. The man behind Mr Chow is Michael Chow, a brilliant artist in his own right. The original location in London was frequented by The Beatles and branches in LA and Miami are all extremely popular. That said, the Las Vegas Mr Chow has a dining room that is quite spectacular, with a silver "spaceship" suspended on the ludicrously high ceiling, above an enormous vase of beautiful white flowers and the beautiful, blue-carpeted dining room. I could write more about Mr Chow's decor, as I find the precise minimalism so original and interesting but a comment on the food is required too. This is much better than detractors claim but it is "classic Chinese takeaway" executed to perfection. Order the Mr Chow Noodles followed by the Gamblers Duck and you won't go wrong.

Tucking into some ribs.

Debs with the signature satay chicken.

Posing with Debs in the restaurant.