Listen to One Single a Week

Straight from heaven you came to be, such a pretty lady
You sent me to Jupiter and Mars, the cuts healed to scars
When day turns to night, you’re the one who makes it alright, oh pretty lady

When God built this world, he built it for you girl
God gave me faith, he made me to keep you safe
God gave us eyes too, so we could see you
The sky never turned blue, till he stopped the rain for you, oh pretty lady

She’ll turn a year into an hour, a bulb into a flower
I’d fight and plunder, all Seven wonders would be a chore to me, compared to this angel
She is the greatest mystery, this beauty of the first degree, oh pretty lady

I’d travel back in time, give everything of mine
To kiss the floor by your feet, for the sight so sweet
I’d suffer any trial for the chance to make you smile
No words will suffice, nor any sacrifice, oh pretty lady