Listen to One Single a Week

Drank all the egg nog, made me feel squiffy
Overindulged till I felt dizzy
All the pleasure went straight to my head
Woke up hours later, tucked up in bed
Thought to myself, “how did I get here?”, my memory is murky
She said, “You’re a fool but I love you, you’re my Christmas turkey”

Ate all the mince pies, filled up my belly
Drank so much beer, it made my breath smelly
Wrapping the presents late by the tree, my love came down to kiss me
She caught a whiff and cried, “You stink, your breath is rather quirky, if you don’t sober up quick you’ll be left cold turkey”
Christmas turkey, you got me feeling so perky
You’re my lovely Christmas turkey
You got me feeling so perky tonight
My new Christmas trousers started getting tight in a matter of hours
My Yuletide greed could not be stopped
All of a sudden my trouser button popped
I’ll give you some advice for free, don’t stuff yourself like a Christmas turkey