The Tom Cridland Story

Tom Cridland is the world's number 1 sustainable fashion brand, with customers on every continent, offering durable, luxury clothing at an affordable price point.

Tom has been designing clothing since the age of 18, when he sold nearly £3,000 worth of "SWINE 09" t-shirts in a single week of school and donated all the profits to Médecins Sans Frontières.

In January 2014, aged 23, he founded Tom Cridland, specialising solely in creating the perfect pair of trousers. He quickly built a vertical luxury menswear brand that specialises in what CNBC describe as "quality over quantity retail". Tom believes that retail markups are inefficient and unfair on the customer, who ends up paying higher prices for no reason.

Tom founded his eponymous menswear brand upon the simple principle of making truly luxurious clothing and selling it direct to customer online and, as THE GUARDIAN said, "high-spec material and production seem to be his thing".

The EVENING STANDARD describe Tom as "a tailor to the stars" and, indeed, Tom Cridland trousers have quickly become well known from London to Los Angeles and, as FORBES note, have been "donned by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry, and Daniel Craig". Tom Cridland have also made clothing for the likes of Ben Stiller, Jeremy Piven, Rod Stewart, Nigel Olsson, Brandon Flowers, Robbie Williams, Nile Rodgers, Michael Portillo, Stephen Merchant, Frankie Valli, Neil Young, Danny McBride, Miley Cyrus, Clint Eastwood and Kendrick Lamar.

In 2015, Tom launched The 30 Year Sweatshirt, a sustainable fashion project in the form of a luxury cotton crewneck backed up with a 30 Year Guarantee. This was acclaimed by everyone from the BBC to THE INDEPENDENT to THE HUFFINGTON POST and Tom continued this momentum by launching The 30 Year T-Shirt immediately afterwards.

THE TIMES noted this was "a campaign against planned obsolescence in the fashion industry" and THE TELEGRAPH praised the project highly, saying "Tom Cridland is back with his most ambitious project to date: a t-shirt that will not show any signs of wear and tear until 2045." Praise in newspapers was matched by television coverage, with features on CBS NEWS, REUTERS and NBC's THE TODAY SHOW.

2015 also saw word spread internationally about the Tom Cridland brand and the 30 Year projects, with coverage including SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, EL PAIS, CCTV and THE HINDUSTAN TIMES. Tom was also invited to write regularly for THE HUFFINGTON POST and now has his own column on the website.

2016 began with the opening of the first ever Tom Cridland bricks and mortar shop, a pop-up located on the iconic King's Road in London throughout January and February. BBC NEWS were present on its first day to record an in depth interview with Tom about his 30 Year Collection.

The 30 Year Jacket was released at the end of February and featured in both FORBES and THE GUARDIAN, with the latter citing that the Tom Cridland brand is "...appealing to a new consumer". THE TELEGRAPH cited The 30 Year Jacket as evidence that "menswear can lead the race for sustainable fashion", whilst praising Tom Cridland's attempts at creating timeless clothing as "faultless".

Tom Cridland's buy less, buy better philosophy also caused a stir in the United States early this year, with both THE NEW YORK TIMES and THE ATLANTIC featuring it in their publications ahead of the brand's official American hard launch from their new base in Los Angeles in March. Tom subsequently embarked on a US promotional tour in April, appearing across national television and radio including NBCCBS and NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO.

Tom Cridland was then a finalist in the Cool Companies Competition hosted by FORTUNE in California in May, with the magazine arguing if "more designers were like Cridland, one day “fast fashion,” could be as “out” as last season’s designs are today". Hot on the heels of the competition, Tom and The 30 Year T-Shirt were then featured on FOX NEWS and then, in June, in THE IRISH TIMES, DAILY EXPRESS, IL SOLE 24 ORE and, again, in the DAILY MAIL and on CNBC.

June also saw Tom Cridland included in the Sustainia100 and nominated for the international Sustainia Award for The 30 Year Sweatshirt. A committee led by Arnold Schwarzenegger reviewed businesses and sustainable solutions across the planet, with over 4,500 on the year’s long list, before choosing the final Sustainia100.

Tom Cridland were highlighted, post-Brexit, in July in the DAILY EXPRESS as an example of a UK business "going full-steam ahead with plans for growth in the aftermath" and, during the same month, BLOOMBERG, reviewed The 30 Year Sweatshirt as "The Only Sweatshirt You'll Ever Own". 

In August, Tom Cridland announced a new campaign, The Entrepreneur's Shirt, to support entrepreneurs around the world in THE SUNDAY TIMES and, later on in the month, THE GUARDIAN reported on his mission to "encourage the government to extend their backing of entrepreneurship by better incorporating business education into the school curriculum", whilst praising Tom for "steely persistence and a savvy approach to marketing".

September began with a feature on ABC News, in which Tom Cridland was described as "The Beginning of a New Kind of Fashion Brand" and continued with UNITED AIRLINES featuring an in-depth interview with Tom in their in flight magazine.

Tom Cridland then hosted a concert on October 1st, Tom's 26th birthday, at the legendary London venue, The 100 Club, which has played host to The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Oasis, The Clash and Metallica, among many others. As the MAIL ON SUNDAY described, this was the debut performance by Tom's band.

October continued with BRITISH AIRWAYS featuring Tom and the brand, commenting, "At 26, Tom Cridland looks destined for a future as bright as his trousers. It's almost guaranteed...". The FINANCIAL TIMES also mentioned the Tom Cridland brand as an e-commerce pioneer, alongside Harry's, Dollar Shave Club and Warby Parker. The month finished with Tom himself appearing in a BBC ONE documentary on fighting throwaway culture.

November saw Tom praised for standing up for his hometown, Kettering, on the BBC, following Lindsay Lohan's comments about it. Later on in the month, The 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt was launched, with the project receiving great reviews in the DAILY RECORDFHM and, at the start of December, in THE TIMES. Ahead of Christmas, the MAIL ON SUNDAY featured the new Christmas sweatshirts and described Tom himself as "loved by celebrities for his sustainable fashion". The 30 Year Christmas Sweatshirt also appeared on FOX NEWS in California, where it was dubbed the antidote to poor quality Christmas jumpers. Tom was then  interviewed about it on Christmas Eve on BBC RADIO 5 LIVE and, on the same day, BBC NEWS, featured it on the front page of their news app and website.

Tom has begun 2017 by writing an acclaimed article about the late George Michael for THE HUFFINGTON POST.

At Tom Cridland we are passionate about building a brand slowly, working up to a full line but developing every product meticulously before launching it. As FAST COMPANY described what Tom Cridland offer, "...there's now more choices for people who want ethical, relatively affordable clothes that are built to last".

It's ok to pay for luxury, just don't pay too much.